What do we do and How do we do it?

What we do:

Surf and Outdoor Retailer is a buying organisation for the South West of England and West Wales set up for the sole purpose of helping you, the retailer, so you can buy for and merchandise your store in one place over a two day relaxed, fun, yet professional show twice a year.

Why we do it:

We understand how hard it is having 20+ reps come to your store when you are busy trading over a 2 month period for both you and the sales reps, all to see the following seasons products. With the system the way it is it must be difficult to be able to confidently buy to merchandise and fill your store for that season, sometimes 6 months away.

Our Aim:

What we aim to do is bring all those brands that you know and love, brands that have been selected by our retailer led committee, and a selection of awesome kick-starter clothing and hardware brands, to one venue. By doing this you can plan, buy and visually merchandise ranges from all brands by colour pallet, product style, theme to optimise the visual impact of your store and never have to make that awkward call again to cancel part of an order to make space. 

Our Values:

The organisation is 100% based on an ethos of fairness and friendship within business. All brands have the same amount of floor space within the halls, every member gets a guaranteed 6% discount on minimum orders, with an option of more discount for larger orders, the stands are run by the reps you already know and love, not some "newbe" head office has sent down. Afterwards we can all have a good knees up and share what is working for us all that season over a few beers and some food.

The Way Buying Used To Be